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Ducks Team at the KIC for Annual

cheap jordans for women3, 2012) The Long Island Ducks today announced that the entity in question has once again joined Keep Islip Clean in cheap real jordans their efforts to recycle used sneakers air jordans cheap jordan shoes free shipping for NIKE's "reuse A Shoe" program. From January 3 with January 31, The Bethpage Ballpark executive offices will serve as a drop off point for all used cheap jordan sneakers that won't contain metal.

"We are proud to assist in this promotion as part of our continuing 'Go Green' efforts" Says Ducks president and general manager Michael Pfaff. "we hope to see many Ducks fans help us in our efforts, As we all strive to continue incorporating greener habits into day to day living while helping those less fortunate,

The QuackerJack foundation, The charitable arm of the long island Ducks, Will help underwrite the same price of shipping from Central Islip to NIKE's recycling facility in Memphis, tennessee.

NIKE's Reuse A Shoe program was founded in 1993 when NIKE began recovering post consumer, Non metal containing athletic shoes of any brand along with NIKE shoes that were returned due to a material or craftsmanship flaw. The footwear is then separated, Ground up and recycled for use in sources that build new sports surfaces, materials, extra padding and shoes. Since invention, The program has collected more than 22 million shoes donated toward building hundreds of sports surfaces for disadvantaged communities just about. Thousands of pairs of athletic means have been diverted from landfills, Helping clean up the surroundings while simultaneously helping others.


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